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"Welcome to Amazon Seller Consulting! We're here to help you succeed on the world's largest online marketplace. Our expert consultants offer tailored support for every step of your journey. Whether you're new or experienced, we optimize your strategies for success. From account setup to marketing, we've got you covered."

What Are Amazon Posts?

Impress Your Customers With Stunning and Unique Lifestyle Content

Amazon Posts is an Amazon Social Media initiative designed to drive brand and product discovery. As an Amazon Advertising solution, Posts allow you to showcase your products through curated lifestyle content.

Amazon shows your Posts to a relevant audience, and your shoppers can proceed to purchase the associated Amazon product from your listing.

Amazon Advertising Posts is currently in beta. It’s free and available to sellers and vendors enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry in the U.S.

Amazon Post Elements

An Amazon Post is similar to a typical social media post. It contains your brand logo, name, image and caption, but it’s the buying feature that makes Amazon Posts different: Shoppers who find value in your Posts and your feed can hit a “Follow” button to receive your Post updates and have an option to purchase the product in the Post.

Profile banner:

Displays your brand name and logo

Custom image:

Uploaded images that help showcase your products

“Show product” icon:

Displays an associated product listing preview

Caption text:

Customized Post captions to communicate your message

Category tags:

Relevant product categories automatically tagged by Amazon

Where To Find Amazon Posts

Shoppers can see Posts mainly on product detail pages on the mobile app or mobile web browser. The Posts section is labeled “Related Posts.” Shoppers can click through to the image to see a feed of related posts, click the category tags to proceed to the category feed or click the seller logo or name to open the seller’s brand feed.

Product Page Carousel

Related Posts Feed

Category-Based Feed

Brand Feed

Product Detail Page:

A carousel of Posts labeled “Related Posts” found towards the bottom of the page, above the “Customer Questions” section.

Related Posts Feed:

A vertical feed shown after clicking an image on the related Amazon product feed or “Related Posts.”

Category Feed:

A vertical feed shown after clicking one of the category tags.

Brand Feed:

A vertical feed shown after clicking on the profile banner.

Expert tip:

Shoppers predominantly see posts on mobile, but there is one way to access Posts on desktop. Sellers are given a unique and case-sensitive URL or link to their brand feed following the format:

You can use this unique URL in your promotions to direct your other social media audience to your shoppable brand feed. For example, you can include your brand feed URL in a Facebook or Instagram post to encourage your followers to browse your instantly shoppable feed on Amazon. You can also use this link in your SMS or email marketing campaigns.

Why Use Amazon Posts?

Leverage a New Way To Engage Your Online Audience

Posts provide an ideal Amazon social media experience for both shoppers and sellers through engaging content and an easy way to shop. This Amazon social media marketing solution gives all brands an excellent opportunity to grow their reach. Take advantage of Amazon’s new – and free – way to reach more shoppers and engage your online audience.

Boost Product Discovery and Sales

Amazon Posts gives shoppers a new way to find your Amazon product listing and discover your brand. You leverage an additional customer touchpoint on the Amazon app, mobile browser and desktop through a direct link to your brand feed. By being more present on Amazon, you improve your brand awareness and grow your revenue potential.

Showcase Your Products Creatively

With Posts, you aren’t limited to the Amazon product listing rules for using product-only images on a white background. You can write captions that relate to your audience, subject to Amazon Post guidelines. Take your followers on a visual journey through lifestyle images that serve as social proof. It’s a chance to let your brand personality shine with next-level Amazon content.

Show Up on Competitor Listings for Free

Brands usually pay to appear on competitor product detail pages. But on Posts, it’s free and automated by Amazon. Creating stunning Posts sets you apart from your competitors. It’s free for now, so you have nothing to lose. Our Amazon advertising agency can help you determine the best use of your time and resources for Amazon Posts.

Build Your Community on Amazon

Posts personify your brand and your followers become your online community. The standards for online content and engagement are at an all-time high. Break away from the transactional nature of eCommerce and build a relationship with your Amazon audience. Our Amazon agency specializes in full-funnel marketing to tell your brand story and reach your ideal customer.

What’s Included With Howweb’s Amazon Posts Services

Supercharge Your Results and Build an Active Online Community

Amazon Posts Profile Creation and Set Up

To create Amazon Posts, you need to sign in using your advertising console or Seller Central credentials. Our Amazon advertising agency covers the prerequisites you need to get started, such as having the right type of Amazon account, Amazon Brand Registry and having an Amazon Store. We address all barriers to creating your Posts profile.

Stellar Product and Lifestyle Content

Posts let you feature your products in a new way and showcase the different ways to use them. We create exceptional lifestyle content to make your brand relatable and influence shoppers to purchase. We also ensure your customers are met with high-quality and well-optimized product images on your product listings.

Amazon Post Creative Submission

We follow best practices when submitting your Amazon Posts for approval and settle cases of rejected creatives. By formatting all your Amazon Posts, we can maximize functionality and optimize visual elements. We ensure each image aligns with Amazon Posts creative acceptance policies for color format, display aspect ratio, file format, maximum file size and resolution.

Amazon Posts Analytics

Amazon Posts provides data and a downloadable report on viewable impressions (views), engagement (clicks) and engagement rates, revealing how many shoppers clicked on your Post compared to how many saw it. We leverage your performance data to determine the best times to publish Amazon Posts for maximum return on investment. We analyze how well your Posts perform and what appeals to your followers and optimize your Posts based on data-driven marketing decisions.

Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

Amazon decides where your Posts will show up according to relevance and engagement. Our Amazon agency develops a customized plan to maximize your Post reach, boost engagements and grow your followers. We curate your brand feed and schedule your Posts because the more engagements you have, the more Amazon will show your Posts.

Amazon Post Optimization

Products are associated with your Posts through Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Our Amazon Posts services ensure the right ASIN and product listing is added to every Post to optimize for conversions. We optimize your product details, pricing and star rating using proven Amazon product listing optimization techniques.

Amazon Post Copywriting

We create and manage all of your Amazon Post captions, customizing them to match your brand voice and highlight the features that distinguish you from competitors. We also help you communicate a clear call-to-action to urge browsers into buyers. There are highly specific restrictions on caption text that sellers wouldn’t suspect, so our Amazon marketing agency gets creative while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines.

Quality Assurance

We maintain a robust quality assurance process for all your Amazon content, strictly monitoring the publishing, product load time and proper displaying of your Post. We ensure every Post captures your follower’s attention and distinguishes you from your competition. You’ll never post any prohibited products or content because we maintain all Amazon Post compliance.

Other Amazon Services Offered by Howweb

Increase Your Sales and Maximize Your Results

Amazon Marketing Services

"Discover our comprehensive Amazon full-funnel marketing services, tailored for compliance, optimization, and strategic promotions. Beginning with a detailed assessment of your brand presence, we craft an optimal Amazon social media marketing strategy. Our services include Amazon listing optimization, Brand Registry assistance, account management, pricing strategy and testing, catalog organization, and suspension appeal support."

Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) is a software used by advertisers for programmatic media buying on the Amazon marketplace and other platforms owned by or partnered with Amazon. We leverage its exclusive first-party behavior data and exceptional analytics and tracking capabilities to reach more customers. We ensure your Amazon DSP advertising strategy includes optimized display, video and audio ads.

Amazon SEO

"Amazon listing optimization is crucial for success. We help you prepare for potential SEO impacts, ensuring your products reach the right audience. With keyword research, competitor analysis, and review strategies, we optimize your listings for maximum visibility."

Amazon Storefront and Branding

"In the crowded eCommerce landscape, a standout Amazon product feed and captivating product images are essential. Our expertise lies in crafting Amazon A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) that elevate your product content to the next level. Before showcasing your listings and Amazon Posts, it's crucial to have exceptional brand elements. We specialize in logo design to ensure your brand is both recognizable and memorable."

Amazon Advertising/PPC

Howweb’s Amazon experts have years of experience in the full range of Amazon Advertising solutions. We focus on budget planning and gaining a clear picture of your advertising goals to deliver maximum return on investment. Expect continuous campaign optimization and regular reports from our team. Our Amazon advertising services include Amazon Sponsored Products Management, Product Display Ads, Video Ads and Amazon Vendor Central Management.

Amazon Seller Consulting

Your brand needs to adapt to your customer’s ever-changing needs. Our Amazon seller consulting team develops a custom strategy for your business to maintain your store's top performance. We focus on Amazon listing optimization, efficiently uploading your Amazon product feed template and increasing your performance metrics for the best chance at beating your competition. Amazon Posts is currently in beta, but you can trust our Amazon seller consulting team to adapt your strategy as the Amazon platform evolves.

Why Choose Howweb for Your Amazon Posts Services

Award-Winning Amazon Agency

Our full-service Amazon agency has been recognized as a top Amazon marketing company by reputable industry professionals on multiple occasions. It’s our sincere commitment to our client’s goals and the relationships we’ve built that drives our success. Our clients choose us because we never over-promise and work with honesty and integrity.

Content Marketing Expertise

Amazon Posts is all about visual and engaging content, so you need a solid Amazon content marketing strategy. Trust your Amazon marketing manager to think outside of the box and find new and exciting ways to showcase your products. As a digital marketing agency with more than 15 years in the industry, Howweb is your greatest ally in achieving Amazon success.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve

As a leading Amazon marketing agency, we guarantee our clients that we are the first to know about industry trends and developments. This allows us to be more effective in our strategies and seize optimal opportunities to promote your brand. Amazon Posts is currently in beta, so we commit to aligning our Amazon social media approach with the most updated information available.

Custom Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

At Howweb, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and tailor-fit our Amazon Posts services to you. We take the time to understand your business goals, work within a realistic budget and allocate it efficiently to our various strategies. Your dedicated Amazon marketing manager crafts a unique and multifaceted approach to driving the results you want to see.

We Specialize in eCommerce Marketing

More than an Amazon marketing agency, we are a well-rounded eCommerce marketing agency. We offer specialized eCommerce optimization, SEO, PPC and web design services. Our experts know that eCommerce sales is not just about great product photos but leveraging all of your brand’s resources. We pay special attention to your customer questions and reviews to gain valuable consumer insight to improve your SEO and online content.

Transparency and Measurable Results

Howweb is a data-driven Amazon management company. Amazon product listing optimization is a priority and requires meticulous analytics and tracking. Your Amazon marketing manager utilizes advanced performance tracking methods to ensure we base decisions on accurate data. We make your data available to you anytime and send regular reports on our progress.

Howweb Digital Experts Agency is a professional Amazon advertising agency growing Amazon brands since 2014. Trust our Amazon management company to show a new side to your brand through curated lifestyle content and continuous engagement. Through our Amazon Posts services and Amazon listing optimization, we grow your customer base and build brand loyalty.

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